Medical Travel Steps

Research and Get Consultation

  1. You Search and Find Your Treatment, Doctor, Hospital
  2.  We will Review your Case
    Your case will be reviewed by HT-Care’s Patient Assistant and she will inform you by email if any documents and information are needed to prepare a quote.She forwards patient case to HT-Care’s Medical doctor only
    when your case contains all necessary medical information
  3. We Offer you Doctors,… 
    We will offer you impartial advice to choose doctors and hospital related to your request
    based on HT-Care’s Medical Doctor feedback and announce you the estimated price and treatment condition by email

Plan Your Trip

If you are happy with the quote provided in the inquiry step, you are ready to plan your medical trip. In this step we can arrange your travel with these mentioned services separately or together as a package:

Medical Visa

The admission form, will be provided and send to the Iran consulate in your city by the hospital or clinic we have approved for your treatment. This process takes 10 working days.

Booking Hotel

Choosing the hotel – we are here to provide 3 class option hotels base on your budget

Coordinating Medical Process

Arrange Tour Services

Pick up service from airport– Pick up service from hotel – Vacation service

Your tour HT-Care’s Tour assistant will pick you up from airport to the hotel or hospital base on your treatment condition.
Then your pre-treatment process will be performed on your medical plan program. Your pre-treatment may include visit doctor-Laboratory test and … Your tour assistant will company you in every steps
Then you will be in your hospital or clinic for your pre-operation

Arriving Iran

Operation time
Recovery time
You are tourist now and can visit Iran and enjoy your travel as a tourist.

Going Back Home

regularly checking you to make sure you are doing well about treatment’s after care
updating you with any recommendations or advices your doctor may give
Facilitating your coming back to Iran if required