Corneal Transplant Surgery in Iran

A corneal transplant, also called keratoplasty replaces diseased or scarred corneal tissue with healthy tissue from an organ donor. The cornea is a layer on the front of your eye that helps focus light so you can see clearly. If it gets damaged, you might need to have it replaced.

[Approximate costs for corneal transplant in Iran is 2000$]

What is Corneal Transplant?

Corneal transplant is an operation that is carried out to replace the damaged cornea with a new transparent one.

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A corneal transplant is performed for one of these reasons:

  • Creating better visibility in cases of blurred vision caused by corneal opacity.
  • Corneal perforation repair to protect the intraocular structures.
  • Relieving pain in cases where, due to diseases or swelling of the cornea, there is severe pain.
  • Eradication of corneal infection in cases which cannot be treated with medication.

What Can a Corneal Transplant Treat?

A corneal transplant can restore or dramatically improve vision if you have a damaged or diseased cornea, it can treat:

  • Cornea scarring because of an injury or an infection
  • Corneal ulcers or “sores” from an infection
  • A medical condition that makes your cornea bulge out (keratoconus)
  • Thinning, clouding, or swelling of the cornea
  • Inherited eye diseases, such as Fuchs’ dystrophy and others
  • Problems caused by an earlier eye operation

Corneal Transplant Surgery Types

Full thickness corneal transplant

Your entire cornea may need to be replaced if both the front and inner corneal layers are damaged. This is called penetrating keratoplasty (PK), or full thickness corneal transplant. Your diseased or damaged cornea is removed. Then the clear donor cornea is sewn into place.

Partial thickness corneal transplant

Sometimes the front and middle layers of the cornea are damaged. In this case, only those layers are removed. The endothelial layer, or the thin back layer, is kept in place. This transplant is called deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) or partial thickness corneal transplant. DALK is commonly used to treat keratoconus or bulging of the cornea.

Endothelial keratoplasty

In some eye conditions, the innermost layer of the cornea called the “endothelium” is damaged. This causes the cornea to swell, affecting your vision. Endothelial keratoplasty is a surgery to replace this layer of the cornea with healthy donor tissue. It is known as a partial transplant since only this inner layer of tissue is replaced.

Awesome Doctors for EYE CARE Surgery

Dr. SeyedFarzad Mohammadi

Dr. SeyedFarzad Mohammadi

Ophthalmologist (eye care)

Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at Transnational Ophthalmology Research Center