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۰۰۹۸۲۱۸۸۵۲۰۸۱۵ تهران، خیابان خرمشهر، میدان نیلوفر، خیابان هفتم، خیابان رهبر، پلاک ۱۲، طبقه ۳


Dr. Saeed Hosseini Naghavi is a Prosthodontist. He graduated from the School of Dentistry at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 1990. After three years in prosthodontics, he undertook his General Dental Practice at one of the top Dental Faculty Universities in the nation, IAU.

He is a Highly experienced dental professional with deep insight into designing and fabricating dental prosthesis and replacing missing teeth and associated oral structures. Exceptionally talented at making prosthesis and Collaborating with dentists and specialists to develop solutions to dental and oral concerns.

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