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Iran Health Tourism

At Iran Health Tourism Organizer (IRHTO), we care for the well-being of healthcare travelers arriving into Iran and strive to give an unrivaled healthcare travel experience through an end-to-end service. Come on board on a healthcare journey that is first and foremost a quality care for your peace of mind.

Medical and Tourism services provided by IRHTO:

• Obtaining a visa
• Booking hotels and airline tickets
• Escort interpreting and Transfer services
• Specialized Medical Tours with renowned healthcare professionals in the best hospitals equipped with the latest technology
• Recreational tours with visiting top-rated Iran tourist attractions
• VIP services
• Providing Insurance and legal services
Enjoy healthier and more youthful looking face and body with consulting and performing cosmetic procedures under the supervision of our world-renowned specialists.
• Face & Body: Fat & Gel injection. Facial & body lift.
• Skin & Hair: Botox. Hair, Eyebrow, Eyelash, Beard and moustache transplant.
• Cosmetic Dentistry: Whitening. Reshaping. Bonding. Bridging. Veneers. Implants. Gum lifts. Straightening. Bite reclamation.
• Eyes (Rejuvenation): Blepharoplasty. Asian eyelid surgery. Removal of fat pads under the eyelids. Surgical correction of a drooping eyelid. Removal of skin tags and other growths from the eyelids. Removal of pinguecula and pterygium from the sclera (white surface of the eye)
• Cosmetic procedures: Beauty nose surgery. Removal of abdominal and adipose fats. Lipolysis. Small & Breast Enlargement. Breast restoration. Prosthesis and Implant.
Health Checkups and Treatments
• High quality checkups
• Oncology
• Ear, Nose, Throat
• Cardiovascular
• Neurology
• Women & Fertility
• Urology
• Ophthalmology
• Dentistry
• Orthopedics
• Cell Therapy

Iran Health and medical tourism
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