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+982188520815 Unit 3, No 12, Rahbar Alley, 7th St, Nilufar Sq, Tehran, Iran

Day Hospital

The construction work of the Day Hospital began with its initial design and compliance with the private ownership plan in 1964 with a total area of 19656 square meters and an area of 2879 thousand square meters with a single block and was put into operation on January 14, 1990. This hospital started operating in 1370 and the same year the hospital development program started.

Currently, Day Hospital has 200 fixed beds and 196 active beds as a first-class public hospital, operating as one of the largest specialized and sub-specialized centers in the country.

To improve the quality of community health, this hospital is dedicated to upgrade the level of specialized, sub-specialized care and health services, the latest equipment and modern facilities throughout the country and the same quality and care as the best international hospitals have. It is founded by formulating hospital standards and providing the best possible models.

Day as a leading Hospital in utilizing new technologies in healthcare services, has always been a step ahead of the defined medical facilities in our country by providing specialized and sub-specialized services in a unique way and also having attracting staff, doctors and professors.

Having prominent professors, experienced physicians and dedicated staff has made this center as a promising medical center for all patients in the field of providing treatment, satisfaction, respect, accountability and confidence in patients.

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