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What happens if I get an infection? – Penile implant

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Should an infection occur after the prosthesis is inserted, the patient will need to be hospitalized and the device removed entirely. A salvage procedure may or may not be possible with simultaneous re-insertion of another device immediately at the same time that the infected device is removed. This is performed in order to prevent shrinkage and scarring of the penis, which occurs after penile prosthesis infection. If the type of bacteria causing the infection is not identified, the patient will require 2-3 weeks of intra-venous antibiotics. If a device is not immediately re-inserted another implant may be placed in the future however in addition of resulting in a much shorter penis the surgery is much more difficult and at a higher risk of urethral perforation and patient dissatisfaction. Given the fact that infections are rare, surgery and a scarred penis very difficult, re-implantation after an infection should only be performed by very experienced physicians and not generalists with little to no experience.

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