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Wigs and hair pieces

Some affected individuals find wigs, toupees and even hair extensions very helpful in disguising hair loss. There are two types of postiche (false hairpiece) available to individuals; these can be either synthetic or made from real hair. Synthetic wigs and hairpieces, such as a toupee, usually last about 6 to 9 months, are easy to wash and maintain, but can be susceptible to heat damage and may be hot to wear. Real hair wigs or hairpieces can look more natural, can be styled with low heat and are cooler to wear.


Skin camouflage

Spray preparations containing small pigmented fibers are available from the internet and may help to disguise the condition in some individuals. These preparations however, may wash away if the hair gets wet i.e. rain, swimming, perspiration, and they only tend to last between brushing/shampooing.

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