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Laser Hair Therapy is a low-level laser light treatment that in some studies seems to promote hair growth, slow hair loss and give hair a healthier appearance for both men and women. This process of stimulating hair follicles has been shown in some studies to grow hair, slow hair loss and give hair a healthier appearance.

 Efficacy of laser treatment

The clinical laser has an open-hood design, offering 100 percent coverage of the treatment area and stimulating hair follicles throughout the affected sections. Light from the laser beam helps prevent or in some cases stop hair loss by increasing the metabolism of the follicles and stimulating protein production. The FDA has cleared laser therapy in the form of a comb or helmet for at-home use as well.

Laser therapy hair restoration treatment schedule

For the in-office laser therapy we recommend two to three 30-minute treatments a week for 8 weeks, one treatment a week for 16 weeks, followed by two treatments a month for 6 months. Quarterly treatments should be scheduled as maintenance. At-home therapy is usually for 20 minutes 2-3 times/week.

In clinical studies, all participants wearing the Theradome™ for 20 minutes a day experienced one or more of the following:

  • A slowing down of hair loss typically occurring 4-18 weeks into treatment
  • An increase in hair follicle size, which promotes fuller, more lustrous hair and typically begins 18-26 weeks into treatment
  • Growth of new healthy hair, which is normally seen at 26-52 weeks into treatment

The science behind the Theradome™ hair regrowth treatment

Theradome™ employs Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), and has 80 proprietary lasers that emit coherent laser light. Hair growth is stimulated by firing cool lasers at the scalp to target hair follicles, stimulate microcirculation, and improve cells’ metabolism. Using lasers as opposed to LEDs is critical for hair restoration. These lasers produce virtually no heat, but still allow the maximum amount of light and energy to be delivered to the area.

Effectiveness of post-transplant Theradome™

Transplants cause trauma to nearby hairs and using the TheradomeTM will alleviate these effects by providing extra energy for healing. Low-Level Laser Therapy assists the growth of newly planted follicles by accelerating the healing process; reducing redness/inflammation; decreasing discomfort; and encouraging transplanted hairs to grow faster. In short, it is one of the best hair regrowth products available.


Both men and women can benefit from laser hair therapy for hair loss if looking to prevent further hair loss or thinning, looking to maintain hair growth from other treatments or looking to speed post-surgical healing.

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