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A prosthodontist is the dental specialist uniquely qualified to restore the appearance of your smile and help you regain the optimum function and appearance of your teeth after dental disease or surgery.

A prosthodontist:

  • Specializes in the aesthetic restoration and replacement of teeth and function
  • Receives two or three years of additional training after dental school

Teeth Loss

Many factors contribute to the loss of your teeth – some people are born without certain teeth, and some lose their teeth because of disease, injury, and wear as a result of clenching or grinding. Tooth loss creates both aesthetic and functional problems, resulting in unwanted changes to your facial appearance, as well as a detrimental effect on your chewing ability, confidence and self-esteem.

How a Prosthodontist Can Help

You may need the care of a prosthodontist if you:

  • Are missing a number of teeth
  • Are interested in dental implants
  • Think your teeth show signs of extreme wear
  • Wear dentures or removable partial dentures that you are not happy with
  • Want to enhance the aesthetics of your smile

Sophisticated Dental Repairs

While general dentists also see patients with the above conditions, prosthodontists focus on the more complex cases. Working with general dentists, a prosthodontist will offer several treatment options and services to restore the natural appearance and function of a person’s mouth, jaw and smile.

Prosthodontic Services

Some of the services prosthodontists offer includes:

  • Veneers
  • Crowns, Bridges and Cast Restorations
  • Dental Implants
  • Cosmetic Dental Treatments
  • Rehabilitation after oral cancer surgery

Full-mouth Rehabilitation

For complex restorations, prosthodontists work with other physicians, including facial plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists to provide overall reconstructive care for patients damaged by trauma, injury or illness.

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