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+982188520815 Unit 3, No 12, Rahbar Alley, 7th St, Nilufar Sq, Tehran, Iran

Golden Opportunity for Travel to Iran (Lowest-priced)


During the past one year, the general prices in Iran were increased at a rate of 100%, but, Rial, i.e., Iranian currency lost its value at more than 250%. In other words, in the past, one USD equaled to Rls 40,000, but, at present, one USD equals to more than Rls 100,000. Medical services with practiced health-care staff and international standards in various fields of medicine are rendered in Iran with the cost less than one-fourth as much as its cost and expenses in Middle-east, European and American countries. Such services are of high quality and Iran is placed in the 1st center of Middle-east with this respect.

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