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Dr Saeed Hosseini

The special meeting of Iran’s health tourism was held in cooperation with SAFAR magazine at the International Health Services Institute

The special meeting of Iran’s health tourism was held in cooperation with SAFAR magazine at the International Health Services Institute. In the first instance, from the point of the view of the governance, the recent approach of the Ministry of Health to the health tourism had positively evaluated, which included the formation of a strategic health tourism council, the establishment of LPD units in hospital for provision of special services, the standardization of treatment services and the encouragement of the health medical center to engage with companies, which are active in this field. In this area, there were examples of effective measures taken by the Ministry of Health.

Then Dr. Fallah, responsible for health tourism in the free zones of the country, pointed to the good capacity of the free zones, specially Chabahar, Qeshm and Kish. He also said, if the Ministry of Health reduces level restriction in free zones, especially in the field of advanced equipment such as MRI., CT scan and etc., more effective health care provision will be provided. In the following, Dr. Parvaresh as a foreign Investor consultant said: considering to serviceability, the high profits and the turnover that happens in the industry, this industry is a good opportunity to invest in this field. Mr. Khadiri, who was at the summit as Ambassador of tourism and Information in Oman, considered the Omani cultural, historical, political and social affiliation of Oman and Iran, which in recent years has led to the presence of more Omanis in Iran for health services, is a good opportunity, that it’s development was related to the special attention of the Iranian health tourism activists in identifying the level and type of services offered and requested by Omanis.

Mr. Seyd Moradi, a representative of the Tosee Taavon Insurance Agency, was present at the meeting, which referring to the requirement of insurance coverage for health tourism, that described by the insurance of company, said: These insurance coverages lead to the desire of tourists to come to Iran. Then Mr. Hamedani, member of City Net agency, commented about the importance of comprehensive online services and it’s benefits to attract more health tourists comfortable and secure.

Dr. Nojumi from Pasteur Institute, considering the technical knowledge and the high level of expertise in skilled and educated people in Iran, considered the appropriate strategies through the LT sector as the basic for the development of health tourism. Ms. Danial, a PHD student at Allameh Tabatabaie university, whose subject matter is the role of health education, also highlights the importance of countries experiences in this field and on educational methods for attracting health tourists and introducing new ways of providing services as well as professional education human forces stressed. At the end, Dr. Hosseini, considering the history of more than a decade of studies, research, feasibility and implementation in the field of health services export, specially health tourism, assessed the prospects of this industry in Iran positively, while emphasizing the support aspect of the institutions and organizations that demanded the non-intervention of quasi-governmental organizations such as the chamber of commerce and social security, which parallel and cross sectional activity, led to uncertainty and confusion among the activists of the private sector of the industry.

The way to develop and gain more share of the world market for health tourism in institutional, Integrated and though the pooling of resources of the industry actors including providers. It is necessary to explain that the details of this special meeting are published in the safari monthly journal in two languages: Persian and English, and available to its enthusiasts inside and outside the country.

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