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Cone Beam CT Guided Implant Restorations

Cone beam computer tomography (CT) guided implant restorations is a new technology that allows our prosthodontists and other specialists on the dental team to build a three-dimensional model of the jaw and teeth to enable us to plan a complex dental restoration before proceeding with the actual procedure. Our team uses cone beam CT guided implant restoration when performing between six to 10 dental implants on the top or bottom of a patient’s mouth.

Advanced Dental Technology for Complex Restorations

Typically, during a complex dental restoration, our prosthodontists would make temporary models, crowns and bridges to show the patient the result. Now with software guidance, and a specialized computer using CT technology, our dental team can plan the positioning of implants in relation to the bone and ideal tooth position. This means the final result is aesthetically pleasing, with function assured.


After planning, we create surgical guides that specify the exact position of the implants. Then the temporary restorations are placed immediately. Patients are typically sedated or under general anesthesia during the restoration.

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